Crowe Psychology Services

Individual Therapy

Dr. Crowe provides individual therapy for adults and older adolescents. He uses a collaborative approach to create shared goals for therapy and a plan for meeting those goals.

Couples and Family Therapy

Dr. Crowe works with couples and families. Depending on your needs, this could be for ongoing, weekly sessions or for a small package of sessions (2-5) to serve as an assessment where Dr. Crowe can observe and assess the needs of your family. Dr. Crowe will provide recommendations and referrals for how your family or relationship might best meet their therapeutic needs.


Dr. Crowe provides professional workshops and trainings with all types of organizations, including businesses, schools, and professional organizations. These workshops promote team-building, interpersonal communication skills and strategies, relationship development. Dr. Crowe aims to help groups maximize the potential of the group based on assessment of personality characteristics and optimal use of individual skills and strengths.